Third Party Services

At Smarter Forestry we always attempt to unearth the truth.  We have built our reputation not as an advocate for any one practice, policy, or organization, but by developing the best models possible to predict what should actually happen for any combination of treatments.  This balanced, unbiased approach makes Smarter Forestry the logical choice for situations where a third party opinion is needed especially in areas relating to inventory, updating, and forest growth and yield due to the strengths outlined in both Updating Inventories and Forest Level Planning.


Inventory Audits

In addition to conducting inventories on lands of clients with which we have an inventory update agreement, Smarter Forestry foresters will conduct audits on the work of inventory foresters on operational inventories.  We will use an agreed upon scoring system or we can provide a scoring system that we commonly use.  A report will indicate pass or fail for each audited plot or point and for each forester along with details on deviations by forester.  This allows for continual feedback and improvement of the audited forester even when that forester did not fail the audit.


Information System Audits

It is also possible to perform an audit on an information system.  Most organizations have an information system that contains what should be up to date information on their properties stand by stand or in some cases stratum by stratum.  Each stand or stratum has had an inventory at some point in time and after that inventory the data have been updated using an update process to the current time.  In theory, some stands have been updated one year, some two, and so forth depending on when their latest inventory occurred.  If a property level inventory occurs, say for a potential divestiture, it provides an opportunity to compare the inventory values with what the information system contained stand by stand and product by product.  Differences highlighted, especially consistent differences, should lead to improvements in the inventory updating process.



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