Custom Presentations and CFE’s

Barry Shiver has a thirst for knowledge and enjoys sharing that knowledge with others.  One outlet for sharing information is through his Smarter Forestry Blog on this web site .  Barry also enjoys the personal interactions that come from teaching a class.  During his career at the University of Georgia, Barry received a University wide Outstanding Teacher award in 2003.  Beginning in 1989, he taught shortcourses to foresters across the Southeast with a company called Forestry Information Services. These classes were well attended and received a tremendous amount of positive feedback. He has also taught customized courses for companies, forestry groups and organizations, and other colleges and universities.  Barry is known for delivering useful technical information that is also understandable. 

Barry can deliver custom content classes for organizations that need updating on particular topics. He can also help your company keep your foresters’ continuing forestry education (CFE) hours up to date with “in house” classes, Give us a call to set up a course.

The following are some topics that Barry has addressed through shortcourses:

            Intensive Forest Management

            Intensive Management and Wildlife (with Dr. Karl Miller)

            Southern Pine Silviculture

            Making Money Growing Trees

            Natural Stand Regeneration and Management

            Thinning the Southern Pines

            Value Added from Regeneration Treatments

            Value Added from Intermediate Silvicultural Treatments

            Longleaf Silviculture

            Forest Fertilization

            Acquisition and Management Inventories

            Efficient Forest Inventory

            Point Sampling

            Cruising for Weights

            Growth and Yield

            Using Growth and Yield Models to Make Stand Level Decisions

            Using Growth and Yield Models to Make Forest Level Decisions

            Forestry Information Systems


Call 706.510.9504 or email  and we’ll develop a course for you.