Inventory Updates

Since annual updates are physically and financially impossible, accurate estimation of current stand attributes from previous inventory information take on added importance.  Investors in stocks, bonds, CDs, and other financial assets may obtain an estimate of value at virtually any time.  Investors in timberland have not always had, but should expect, at least an annual accurate estimate of the amount of timber they own by product and the corresponding current value based on current stumpage prices.


The Smarter Forestry inventory update process uses the actual measured tree information collected in the inventory, including tree quality information, as the starting point for estimating current value.  This is not true for most organizations who claim that they provide inventory updates.  Smarter Forestry can develop annual update estimates for all stands based on the most recent inventory data using a process that combines stand level growth and yield with individual tree growth.   The process takes advantage of the best characteristics of both of these methods of estimating stand growth.


All inventory update processes use some growth and yield system as a basis for growing or updating the inventory from one year to the next.  With the development of new genetic levels, new chemicals for herbaceous weed control, chemical site preparation, and woody release and with new knowledge of rates and timing of fertilization, base line growth and yield models will not accurately estimate the future stand characteristics of stands with different combinations of silvicultural treatments.  This means that the models must be modified to accurately estimate growth with different combinations of treatments.  Barry Shiver has been at the forefront of this work since the 1980s.  No one else in southern forestry has the combination of experience in inventory, growth and yield modeling, and southern pine silviculture to modify models as needed as new information on treatment response magnitude, timing, and duration becomes available.







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